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2010 - North Africa 

2011 - Central Asia, China 


2012 - North America

We reached the world’s end -

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Rally Beijing 2015

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Europe - Russia - Central Asia - China/Beijing - Mongolia - Russia - Europe

Marco Polo? The Silk Route? Venice? Beijing? China? Who never heard of? Who never dreamed about? Especially by your own vehicle!

We invite all brave people to join our Venice – Beijing Rally. We slightly modified the legendary Marco Polo’s route. We won’t start our expedition from Venice in Italy but from the middle of Poland, Venice near Bydgoszcz (Google Maps coordinates: 52.868214, 17.772087).

We are setting off on the 19th of June 2015 at 7:06 pm. We will reach the finish line of the rally in Beijing after 28 days (from there you can send your vehicles back to Europe inside a container and come back by a plane or find a team that can drive back to Europe with your car). However we recommend that all participants come back together.

We will follow three handpicked routes for cars, campers and 4×4 vehicles. We will set off from Poland and cross Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirgistan, China, Mongolia, again Russia and Belarus. 25 000 kilometers all together!

Holiday in China? Expedition following Marco Polo’s route? No!!! This will be the rally of the year!!! But not a race!!! Our goal is to make all vehicles reach our destination – Beijing.


For more information send e-mail: or call: +48 607 222 115