Off Road trips were promoted by the Dakar Rally. We wanted to face the Sahara desert too. Symbolically, at least. In November we went off to Tunisia to check out our new car – Nissan Navara. We travelled through the Alps and along the Apennines  ‘shoe’. In Tunisia itself our vehicle looked humble, contrasted with professional desert automobiles. Saharan off road is too popular. We never felt alone. Unbeaten tracks of Sahel felt like a nice stroll. The Western Desert is more of a challenge. It was our first time on dunes. We learned pretty quickly that a good shovel is much more vital than a compass and a fridge. The desert winds made photographing difficult. We also tested our Nokia equipment for remote picture transfers accompanied by a short description (

Nevertheless, the most important thing was to check which amendments the car would need in order to work properly in all climates.

2010 calendar